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Small Telescopes and Astronomical Research ____ by Russ Genet, Jolyon Johnson and Vera Wallen: STAR

This volume presents an expanded version of the material presented at conferences devoted to recent developments in small telescopes and their use for astronomical research and education.  “Small” is, of course, a relative term, and the focus here is on apertures smaller than 1 meter ...  often much smaller.  The papers cover new telescope developments, the application of remote (internet) observatories, research projects based on small telescopes, and some wonderful “success stories” of astronomical research as an educational tool.  Throughout, the theme is “first-hand experience”, which brings a nice personal touch to all of the papers.  There is quite a bit of very good design and research information here, but it is not a stuffy academic tome.- MORE - $29.99 includes shipping in US (enquire about overseas)

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New Perspectives on Newtonian Collimation byVic Menard

NPNCThis is an all new version of Vic's classic on the fundamentals of collimating your Newtonian. With very clear instructions and illustrations on how to get the most out of your scope's optics using the latest tools available. The Number1 killer of good optics is still issues with collimation. This is a must have for all Newtonian owners. Soft cover - 80 pages

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