A few quotes from our subscribers

"Best thing I ever did was buy all of the back issues of AA and what a  bargain it was indeed.   Best of all it has paid for itself many many time  over with all the wonderful information  in each issue and then some.  A great reference." David, TX

"What a magazine!!! You have outdone yourself in a great publication. I have had several astronomy magazine and yours is so differant. Content has information that an amateur astronomer would treasure. I like it better than any of the other astronomy magazines that I subscribe to. I still subscribe to the other magazines, but when it comes time to go our and observe. Yours is the one I find myself turning to for information and inspiration.Keep up the great work doing what you are doing for us amateurs out in the field." Dan, CO

"The Dome Part I" in AA33 was quite interesting. It was good to hear the 'reasoning' train of thought, in that, so often one is not priveledged to hear the pros-cons thoughts in such an article." Paul, MS

I think that AA is getting better with every issue. I think that the magazine appeals to a broader cross-section of amateur astronomers than anything else I have read recently. I love the mix of telescope making, observing and imaging articles that make up the regular mix. Enclosed is my renewal for 4 more years. Brian, Dallas

"I just discovered, and tracked down a copy of, your excellent magazine, I appreciate that you're dedicated to information, not 2-page spreads of "lookit what my $50K of scope/cam/Photoshop will do" ...or 30 pages of ads. You'll be getting a check from me in  a few days for a sub!" 
Adrie,The Netherlands.

"I have nothing profound to say - just a heartfelt 'Thanks!' for this wonderful publication. It fills an incredibly important niche and does so with tremendous class." GB -internet

"AA is a great magazine. Having been a subscriber for the last 13 years, I cannot proclaim loud enough to my friends about this fantastic publication. The articles are informative and yet down to earth. While other leading astronomy magazines talk about professional astronomy, this magazine brings astronomy to the masses. I wholeheartdly agree that AA is the best magazine for amateurs and brings back the glory days of Deep Sky and Telescope Making. Keep up the good work!"  David  -internet

"First I must say, I absolutely love A.A. I bought a three year subscription to it earlier last year and anxiously await each new issue. I picked up a complete back issue collection late last fall and have read each one and am starting over again!"  Ross   -internet

"I thoroughly enjoy AA and read everything in it. I think you have created a good  'amateur-astronomer community'. For some of us living away from cities it does provide a means of keeping in touch with what is going on in the amateur field. I keep my mind active by designing and continually refining my dream telescope and observatory. Perhaps one day I'll be able to afford it.-- well done." Norman, Australia 

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