I am sorry to keep asking similar questions but here is my new problem.

I tried to copy code written in notepad to Word but it adds formating to it without asking to remove it. It would be nice if I could choose to encode as plain text in word. The best font option I can find so far is Courier New. (Accepting answers - asked 9 months ago)
A: Try inserting the code as a file.

This solution is for Word 2003 (latest I have available), but it should carry forward to the version you are using.  I'm not sure what language you are writing in, but I'll assume it's C++ for this example. First, save your file to your computer with the extension appropriate for your language. Let's say you have something called "hello.cpp"


Place the cursor in Word at the point where you want to copy your code. From the menu bar, open Insert. Select File, and select the file "hello.cpp" from the location you saved it to.  It should come up looking like this:



In my example, I used a single tab to indent.  Word preserved the formatting as closely as it could. My default font in this case is TNR 12, and Word does not change it before or after the insertion.