What is Amateur Astronomy Magazine About?

We are a printed forum of the activities relating to Amateur Astronomers around the world. Our magazine is written by amateur astronomers, for amateur astronomers.

Over the course of the past 21 years, we have covered telescopes, large and small, amateur telescope making (ATM), mirror grinding, collimating tips, observing techniques, astronomical equipment reviews, home observatories, professional observatories, observing lists, profiles of amateur astronomers, star parties, dark sites, imaging tips and techniques, observing logs, astronomical travel logs, astronomy businesses and their owners, DIY astronomical projects, cosmology, science and astronomy outreach. In short,we are about all the things and people that make this hobby special. Issue #84 was mailed October 01. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Electronic subscriptions are now available.


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In The Current Issue # 84 (Fall 2014)Issue 83

Our Cover: Astronaut Don Petit uses some techniques gleened from amateur astronomers to image earth and the heavens from the ISS. See Robert Reeves article on how amateur support the imaging efforts on the ISS. Scott Rosen delivers part II of his "Widefield Astrophotography" article. This one focuses on the processing and how to reduce star size to optimize the esthetics of your astro images. We have a number of observing articles: "Seeing Deep", Deep Sky Treasures", "On The Moon", "Sunspots", "Looking South", "Halloween Observing", and "Twinkle Twinkle". We also have articles on "Making a Green Laser Mount", "Star People", Interview with the Director of Earth Shield", "Making a Low Cost Telescope Shroud", "Adjusting your Newtonian Secondary", "Moving to Astronomy Heaven", "Restoring a Classical Schaefer Mount" and the "spectacular gallery of image"s. Click here , or on the cover image of Fall 2014 issue above, to see the preview video for a complete run down on this issue.

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