What is Amateur Astronomy Magazine About?

We are a printed forum of the activities relating to Amateur Astronomers around the world. Our magazine is written by amateur astronomers, for amateur astronomers.

Over the course of the past 21 years, we have covered telescopes, large and small, amateur telescope making (ATM), mirror grinding, collimating tips, observing techniques, astronomical equipment reviews, home observatories, professional observatories, observing lists, profiles of amateur astronomers, star parties, dark sites, imaging tips and techniques, observing logs, astronomical travel logs, astronomy businesses and their owners, DIY astronomical projects, cosmology, science and astronomy outreach. In short,we are about all the things and people that make this hobby special. Issue #82 was mailed April 06. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Electronic subscriptions are now available.


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In The Current Issue # 82 (Spring 2014)Cover82

Our Cover Stories: We have two great articles in memory of John Dobson and how he changed the face of amateur astronomy forever. Also find out more about the recent supernova 2014J that was recently discovered in the galaxy M82. Great articles on observing in Ursa Major, Trumpler star clusters, deep sky and southern hemisphere. Photoshop tutorial on layer masks; getting the most our of your astronomical data. We have embedded video in our new electronic version. Click here of on the cover image at left to see the preview video for a complete run down on this issue.

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